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Please note

This project is ongoing, documents, fixes, etc. will be added in time.

We just wanted to get it out there quickly, to help developers and receive your feedback.

Here are some gotha;s:
The tools are optional. You can choose to use Silverlight only.
  • Run Visual Studio 2010 as administrator to be able to create a website in IIS.
  • Copy /paste the VXCompany.SilverlightLogging.AppFabricSink.dll file into your VXCompany.SilverlightLogging.Services\bin folder.
Some synchronization behaviors are not suitable for WP7, although they might work.
The SiteStore is not available on WP7, use the Application Store
  • The logging service is configured to use IIS. You can use the web dev server too. (make sure to update the file ServiceReferences.ClientConfig in your Client entrypoint.

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