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How it works

Intended usage

This code is built to help you develop line-of-business applications in Silverlight and/or Windows Phone.
Most of the code can easily be extended.

How it runs

SilverlightLogging runs in the background in your client applications, it's behavior is based on configuration settings.
Client applications get their settings from a service, so that all clients have the same settings.

Temporary buffering

The Silverlight /WP7 clients buffer the exceptions locally, to support working offline.

Sync to service

If configured to do so, exceptions will be synchronized to the service (periodically and/or at set moments).
Configuration is stored in the web.config file.

The service can then choose to store the exceptions into a custom database, or using Enterprise Library, or AppFabric, or a custom solution.
The store can be plugged in using MEF. Just implement the interface ILoggingSink.

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