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AppFabric Sink details

The project "VXCompany.SilverlightLogging.AppFabricSink" contains code that will create events that can be tracked by AppFabric.

To see your client exceptions on the AppFabric dashboard, make sure AppFabric is installed on your Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 machine and open IIS manager (start -> run -> inetmgr)
Select the webserver treenode.
In the AppFabric section, click 'AppFabric Dashboard'.

You will see this screen:
Notice that my machine currently has 2 logged errors in the WCF Call history section.

Click on the 'errors' link (marked red in the screenshot)
You will see this screen:

If you select one of the listed errors, you can see the details of that error.
This shows the description of the exception.

note: at this time, all exceptions are logged with the 'error' level

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