How to use Silverlight Logging in your Silverlight or WP7 project:

  1. What does this button do? How it works
  2. How to configure your Client application How to: Client
  3. How to configure your Server application How to: Server

This block contains the following features:

Client code

  1. Library for Silverlight 4
  2. Library for WP7
  3. A sample Silverlight Client Project using the library.
  4. A sample Windows Phone 7 Client Project using the library.

Both client-libraries contain the same features:
  1. ExceptionPolicy (to be called from your code, for handling exceptions)
  2. Store (a client side storage for exceptions, for working offline)
  3. SyncBehavior (a policy for synchronizing error to the service)
  4. LogStatusControlViewModel (a viewmodel that will provide status info to a userinterface)
  5. LogStatusControlView (a view that shows the info from LogStatusControlViewModel, for developer debugging support)
  6. LoggingService (the proxy for the loggingservice)

Server code

  1. LoggingService (the WCF service that will provide clients with configuration and store exceptions from clients)
  2. ILoggingSink (a MEF composable interface that will be used to store errors)
  3. 2 Sample implementations of ILoggingSink, an AppFabric sink and a SessionState sink.
  4. Sample configuration in the web.config file.

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